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Created by Teenage Girls for Teenage Girls

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Why should I attend?

Highlights from the 2015 Virginia Girls' Summit

What is the Virginia Girls' Summit?

The Virginia Girls’ Summit is a yearly event created by our teenage ambassadors for other teenage girls. For over 4 years we’ve been bringing together thousands of girls in 7th-12th grade and their parents from around the Mid-Atlantic to live a “She Rocks The World” day. We combine exciting workshops, guest speakers and fun activities to drive and build the leader inside each of these young women.

Throughout the year, our ambassadors participate in meetings and activities that focus on what goes on in their lives and the lives of other teenage girls. We work with them to take a deep dive into their minds to learn about what they enjoy talking about, their interests, dreams, fears, and their futures. These conversations build the base of our Summit and the core topics for our breakout sessions. We then bring in experts in these areas to partner with the girls and create some truly amazing sessions.

We like to cover the board when it comes to topics. We enjoy mixing in fun, entertaining, and inspirational guest speakers and breakout sessions that are important to the everyday lives of teenage girls such as school, physical and mental health, facing fear and challenges, organizational and prioritization lessons and so much more.

What do the parents do while the girls are attending the Summit?
Just drop them off?

Nope! We have something in store for you too. We here at She Rocks The World know that parents hold a very important role in the lives of their daughters and that raising teenagers in the 21st century can be tough. We’ve created a branch of our Virginia Girls’ Summit just for parents. Our parenting expert, Amy Fortney-Parks and special guests, will lead various breakout sessions that will give parents a look into the minds of their daughters and provide tips in parenting our future leaders.