For teenage girls and parents,

teachers and mentors.

She Rocks The World workshops are designed to inspire teenage girls to fearlessly use their own voice.  What does using your own voice mean?  Using your own voice can be standing up in front of a crowd and speaking or it can be drawing, writing, coding, debating or acting.  Using your own voice is following your OWN path.

She Rocks The World believes if a teenage girl can use her own voice she will have increased confidence and happiness. We will teach the 4 key practices to using your own voice.

We increase EQ through our 3 signature workshops:

Living Fearlessly  Workshop

1 Hour. This workshop is designed to introduce teenage girls to the concept of using your own voice.

Success and Leadership Workshop

Two Hours. This workshop will discuss the four key practices to using your own voice. In the second hour, we will take a deeper dive as adults continue the conversation separate from the teens. Teens will be challenged to define their own values, passions and what success looks like for them.

Success, Leadership and Courage Workshop

½ Day. This workshop will inspire girls to use their own voice by learning the four key practices. We will discuss how social media impacts teens decision making through small, interactive group discussions and large group sharing. We believe in the importance of connection and will provide the space for girls to share their thoughts with each other. Parents will attend their own breakout session discussing raising a teen in today’s world. Parents will define success, values and how they work together for the well-being of a healthy, confident teen.